Looks Like I May Not Need to Fry My Neck After All


My test results are in and it looks like I’m not going to have to fry my neck after all.


I told Dr Sommer my radiologist wanted to do 2 high dose treatments on my neck and showed him my test results.  He read the report and said they do not know what’s in there.  Just like what my friend Karin (who is a nurse) said.


He said my intestines are toxic and if we get that under control the inflammation/problem in my neck should disappear and so should the problems I’m having with my eyes.  It’s all connected to the intestines.


I asked if it was my cavities in my teeth that was causing the toxicity.  He said no it was something I’m eating.  Later Bobo put two and two together (I essentially eat only organic food at home) and came up with the fact that I’ve been eating smoked salmon every week and that might be the cause.  Other than that, maybe I should get our water tested when I get home.  I need to figure this out.


So today I had 4 shots in my butt to help my liver, spleen, gallbladder, intestines and brain.  Then I had to drink something akin to Alka Seltzer to soften my stool for my first of four colon hydrotherapy cleanses.   Once again I’m full of (toxic) shit!

Trying to con Paul into having one too on Friday.  Let u know how that goes!

Btw, Santas coming to town in a hot air balloon on December 6!


6 thoughts on “Looks Like I May Not Need to Fry My Neck After All

  1. Congratulations on the good news! Love how you interspersed it with pics of a winter wonderland. I know you can’t drink so I’ll have a beer for you!

  2. Maria Thank you for the update and beautiful pictures. Once again it seems that the drs in Germany are right on top of things. Would you inquire for me of they deal with Severe Adrenal Insufficiency. I have spent too much time in ICU…this last time Drs said had I waited another 6 hours I would have died. I have also had 2 strokes as result of Adrenal Crisis not responding to treatment. Wishing you all the best. Xo Naomi

    • Naomi , I asked today and yes they have therapies for adrenal stress. You need to send a urine sample to the clinic with $120 euro money order. They will send you the results and prescriptions needed which you can order by phone to the pharmacy. The letter will also indicate whether you need an intensive two week treatment in which case you would have to travel to Germany for that.

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