Appointments Galore


Got a phone call from the hospital requesting my presence for a MRI on my brain on Monday at 12:30.  I won’t know the results until Wednesday when I see my radiation doctor.  Thinking what he said was bleeding in my head is just the hemangioma that has been there since I had the stroke/TIA in 2011.  Some blob in my brain that looks like an octopus with tenticles.  My doctor at the time told me if I couldn’t grab onto things with my hands or found myself walking weird/collapsing to come in to get examined.

Kind of funny I’ve had MRI’s every 3 months for 4 years and they just discovered my brain blob now!

Chest x-ray on Tuesday to check and make sure all my screws in my back are still holding me up!

Will be a lot happier after Wednesdays appointment.  Or maybe not????


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