Well, I got most of my results today.  As expected things are not great.  I figured that anyway cause I’m feeling quite shitty.  Areas that are in trouble include my:





central nervous system

digestive system



cortisol levels

and I think my adrenal glands but I wasn’t sure what he said about that.   Basically my immune system has tanked.

Anyhow, he confirmed the parasites are what’s causing this problem and my amalgam fillings are feeding the worms.   My eight amalgams are decaying and I couldn’t fix them because I was taking a bisphosphonate to support my bones.  It causes necrosis of the jaw when having dental work done so I wanted to be off it for several months before I undertook the procedure. However, given the toxic state I am in, I cannot take them out as it could probably kill me.  Also my mouldy house didn’t help matters.

I guess the only real good news is when I asked him if my fluid filled lungs are because of cancer he said, “No, it’s because of the parasites.”   “Good”, I said, “That’s what I thought because my oncologist wants me to go on chemo because my lungs are full of cancer and my radiation dr told me if I start to see double to phone him so he can radiate my brain.   Oh and my family dr thinks those aren’t worms but my intestines are coming out of me.”

He just looked at me and didn’t say a word.

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing, I guess.

Today, I had a colon hydrotherapy which made me feel better.  Then 8 minutes with a biophoton machine on my brain and 8 minutes on my lungs.  I must say my asthmatic lungs felt much better after that.

Tomorrow I’m going to have my Global Diagnostic test which is when they hook me up to a very expensive Swiss computer that checks the frequencies of each body part and organ and tries to fix whatever deficiencies it finds.  It also gives you a readout of what is and is not working.  It’s very elaborate and I can’t wait to see the results..

They are also going to oxygenate my blood through an ozone IV where my blood is taken out, irradiated, and then brought back to me.  That will help all my cells get the oxygen it needs.  My blood is thick and black and that’s not good.

Getting stem cells injected in my butt.  They are putting other stuff I need in my other IVs because I had a problem with Bobo giving me needles in the wrong spot.   Looks like I have some nerve damage as a result   I’m having difficulty lifting up my left leg.   Sometimes I literally have to pick it up to move it when getting in and out of the car.  But I drive a Jaguar now and I must do it.  Fuck my leg.  It needs to behave so I can have some fun.

Anyhow, I’m really tired and must go now because I have to be at the clinic by 8:30.

Diagnostic Testing… Now Waiting for Results

Dear friends,

Today I did most of my diagnostic testing (eye photo, blood work, hands/feet photos, urine and saliva tests).   Tomorrow I will find out if they can help me.

I’m worried.  I am in bad shape.  Hard to sleep at night when I’m constantly coughing and spitting up mucus.  Don’t know if that parasite cleanse was a good or bad idea.  Don’t know if my gut is reparable as so many food items are causing me grief and I don’t know if my body can handle the treament protocol given my drastic weight loss.  Also worried that my cancer may be active again and what do I do about it if it is in my lungs (as my oncologist keeps insisting).  One thing for sure.  Not enough oxygen in my blood as it was black when I glanced at it in the vial.   Shit.

I told Dr Mariam that I stopped taking the injections they gave me since January because I thought my husband hit a nerve a couple of times and I was having trouble lifting up my left leg as a result.  She told me I was probably right and that she would try to put some of the injections they were going to give me in my IV instead.  However, some of the stem cell ones had to be injected in the butt.  That concerns me.

Its 1:30 in the morning   Time for bed.  I see Dr Sommer and Dr Mariam at 2:00 tomorrow so I can sleep in.

🙏Needing some prayers🙏

Koln (Cologne, Germany)


Sunday, May 21, 2017

One of my former church choir directors, Steven Handrigan, told us about this fabulous Cathdral in Cologne, Germany after he took his students from the St. Mikes Choir School to sing there.  You could tell it was a church that really impressed him by the gleam in his eyes every time he talked about it.  So I decided it would have to be on my bucket list.  So off I went with Maria and Falitza.

Here is some of what we saw.


It was enormously tall and black.  A stark contrast from the Duomo in Milan that was also very intricate, but pristine white.

The stain glass windows inside were most colourful and bold depicting pictures of Mary, Christ and the apostles.  They were quite beautiful.

Street painters.

And a homeless duck… with a pint of German beer of course!




Decided to visit a place called Koblenz before we head off to Cologne or koln.


It was really something.  We took a cable car to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and saw the most magnificent view of the Rhine River overlooking the German Corner (Deitsches Eck).  That is where two rivers join.  It was neat watching huge boats get swept away at the corner trying to get up the next river.


The fortress was quite grand too but it required a lot of walking which I am not in the best of health to do right now.  It took a lot out of me and I had to take a painkiller by the time we got to a restaurant where we could rest and eat.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are really no gluten free options at any restaurants in Germany. I’m stuck pretty much just eating salad and the odd soup if I can find one with no milk, cheese, tomatoes or wheat.  However the view we had from the outside, then the inside (it was cold and we moved) was awesome.


Maria had her pint of German beer (she claims she will have one everyday until her treatment starts and then she will be good).


The fortress was immense.  It guarded the waterways and railway lines.  Here are some pics.


Really could have used my heating pad after that long walk but I kind of blew it up in Weisbaden the night before.  I plugged it in and put it in my pillow to warm it up as I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  When I got back the thing was melting on my pillow.   Didn’t know the voltage was so high in Europe that even with a converter, it would overheat the heating pad.  The metal coils were protruding through the plastic cover. I was lucky I didn’t plug it in and take a bath because it would surely have caused a fire by the time I got back.  I didn’t know what to do with the smelly burning plastic thing.  I ended up shoving it on the shower floor so it would cool and disposed it in the morning.

Good thing I didn’t burn the hotel down.




I went to Germany with a friend I met from the RSNC named Maria Arruda and her friend Felicia.

We went via Air Canada.  Never again.  I hate that airline.  Food sucks and they couldn’t promise the food I was getting had no dairy, gluten or nuts in it.  Tasted like shit.  Good thing my gut instinct was to grab some California rolls from the sushi airport restaurant or I would have starved to death.

We had a bit of a problem at the car rental place.  They gave us a really huge SUV and I was not comfortable driving it.  So we waited a couple of hours til the next car came in.  And low and behold, it was a nice, sleek black Jaguar.  Worth the wait. I LOVE this car.

We went briefly to the old part of Frankfurt…


And continued to Weisbaden.

Then we went to a beautiful little Tea shop (it was raining outside) and had a lovely afternoon Tea.  There were two old wax figures of women having tea in the store front window, so we thought it would be grand to try it out.   We weren’t disappointed. It was a lot of fun.


Lovely florist shop with stunning flowers.

Well, at least the ducks were enjoying this wet weather!


How Alpine Roofing Did A Shitty Job On My Roof

The last couple of months since I got back from Germany in December have been trying, to say the least.

I was really sick in January; coughing so bad I couldn’t sleep. The mucus from my congested sinuses always ended up filling up my lungs. My family dr ordered clarithromycin which ended up given me candida. My gut, which already was pretty precarious, became an overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Meanwhile I got very stressed. My younger sister slept over in my room and was sick when she woke up.  Same symptoms as me.  Congestion/sinuses etc. She told me that there was something really bad in my room.

I phoned a home inspector who found mould in my attic. I had readings of 1200 m3 of aspergillosis penicillium in my bedroom (while downstairs and outside, it was only 300).  My other sister is dealthly allergic to the medication penicillin and I’m allergic to ceftin, a cousin of the penicillium family.  Mould is our enemy.

I then had my house insurance advisors inspect the house.  They did a report indicating that the problem in my attic had to do with shoddy workmanship and I would have a good case against the company who did it should I decide to sue. Apparently the idiots at Alpine Roofing neglected to properly ventilate the attic when they did my roof. They improperly installed a vent above my bedroom which was leaking and they also shingled over the vent.

No air was properly circulating in my attic for 12 years. They never changed the wood even though my husband was up there and asked them if it needed to be replaced.  They said it was fine and shingled over the old wood.  The other 4 vents didn’t have much of an opening for the attic to breathe and they didn’t bother checking inside to see what was going on either.  If they had they would have noticed that the soffits were plugged up and there were no holes in the baffles to allow air to flow. In other words, none of the hot/cold air was escaping/circulating allowing the boards under the shingles to rot.


Another thing I learned about improper roofing installation is that when you get your roof done, the size of the spaces between the shingles should be even. As you can see from the photo, there are some larger and smaller gaps between the rows.  As you can see here Alpine Roofing did not take the time to install the shingles correctly. Look at the gaps and how crooked the alignment is.  I wish I knew then what I know now.

I ended up spending the winter at my parents house because every time I went into my house my nose would water and I’d have to wear a mask. And it was no picnic at my parents house. Sometimes they would wake up at 3:30 in the morning, eat breakfast until 4:30 (with the radio on very loudly because my dad is going deaf even though he refuses to believe it and won’t wear a hearing aid). I got out of the house and kept busy when I could but I missed being in my own home. Meanwhile I started to rapidly lose weight.

I was incensed about the whole situation I found myself in. I was so mad at Alpine Roofing my body started becoming very acidic due to the stress and I could barely eat because it was becoming more and more difficult to eat food that I wasn’t allergic to.

I hired a woman named Caroline from Energy Shack (Midland/Progress) to provide me with organic juices and meals. I did a five day juice detox program as I knew I was becoming too toxic. I also did a coffee enema, colon hydrotherapy and ozone sauna when I noticed things coming out the other end that should not have been there. Those things were parasites. So I started a parasite cleanse and discover I had rope worms, tapeworms, intestinal flukes, liver flukes, fasciola buski and more wonderful stuff that I couldn’t identify. I got on various websites and found other people in the same boat as me finding the same horrible things in their stools. Determined to get rid of them I had weekly coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy. I think I’m infested. The candida I got from the antibiotic made things worse.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading by Dr Hulda Clark who says she has never met a single cancer patient that didn’t have intestinal flukes. Her protocol is called the Humaworm Cleanse although it was not the one I used. I got one from the Vitalife Clinic at the beaches and it’s been pretty successful at removing these unwanted creatures. I’d show you pictures but they’d gross you out. Some of the worms had blood on their heads where they would attach themselves to my intestines. I read about liver flukes from Kaiulani’s Facciani’s cancer blog a long time ago but didn’t want to undergo the process of elimination. I should have. It may have saved my gut from the onslaught of these creatures ruining my digestive system.  From what I read, if you are stressed, have a low immune system that’s toxic (mercury in my fillings that need to be removed), live in a toxic/mouldy environment and have candida overgrowth, you provide the perfect host for parasites.

Meanwhile, I showed pics of my discoveries to my family dr who thought I had C Difficile from the antibiotics and she thought they weren’t worms but my intestines were coming out.  Lovely.  Just what a needed. Sent some stool samples for parasite testing in Canada and what do you know? Nothing. But my dr only tested for 5 things and two of them were salmonella and ecoli. What about testing me for the plethora of fasciola buski I found.  Not testing me for the right stuff for heavens sake. Nothing showed up for C. difficile either. At least I didn’t have that to also worry about.

Meanwhile I stopped taking my daily injections from Germany because I’m pretty sure my husband was injecting it into a nerve because I was having a hard time walking.   I lost so much weight and muscle mass (due to not exercising…I fell down the stairs in January and was taken by ambulance to the hospital).  My left leg was so bad after an injection I literally had to lift it up with my hands to get in and out of the car.  I could barely walk so I stopped taking them.  Could not exercise because it was too painful.

In February/March I tried in vain to find a lawyer to represent me. More stress. Fortunately, my friend Ric connected me to a friend of his who was a lawyer.  He told me that unless this case was worth 1/4 of a million dollars, it wasn’t worth persuing by a lawyer. He explained how it was going to drag out in court and how I’d be paying a fortune in lawyers fees and “expert” testimony. For example I’d have to hire another mould expert with a doctorate because mine wasn’t good enough.  Besides Alpine Roofing has a lot more money to represent themselves than I do.  He told me my best bet was to just replace the roof or go to small claims court and represent myself. I knew I was too sick to go through that mess and it would cause me more stress and grief so I went to the bank and refinanced my mortgage to get the job done.

At this time my blood test results showed I was rapidly depleting calcium from my bones. When you get too stressed, that’s what happens. Your body becomes too acidic and in order to compensate, calcium is released to the bloodstream to alkalinize it. It can also be a bad sign for late stage cancer.

I tried to explain what was going on to my oncologist but it fell on deaf ears. Told him I lost weight because I can’t eat anything cause I’m so allergic to so many foods and I was toxic. He wouldn’t hear of any of it. Including my mouldy roof. He thinks I have cancer all over my lungs, bones, body. Wants me to get a ct scan (equivalent to 500 X-rays and one X-ray is equivalent to a years worth of radiation a typical person gets from the environment, like TV/microwave exposure), which I declined. I told him he could do an ultrasound on my liver, but that was about it. I already knew I had pleural effusion in my lungs so what was the point?  Fortunately I got the results from my ultrasound and  there was no evidence of disease in my liver.  Thank heavens   One thing going right even though my ALP is very high.

Meanswhile my onc has given me two choices. One, capecitabene (the one that burned my hands and feet) or 2,  the chemo IV drug Pacetaxol (cousin of docetaxol which stopped my heart and didn’t work 8 years ago).

My radiation dr is telling me I have cancer throughout all my bones and lesions in my lower back. He told me to call him if I started seeing double and he would get me in right away to zap my brain.

So now I’m on my way to Germany once again to sort out this mess.

Rest In Peace, Julie Deutsch

During the last week-end in April, I had the privilege to go to Philadelphia on a free travel grant from Living Beyond Breast Cancer.


There I met two inspiring women named Julie Deutsch and Kaiulani Facciani.  They were my roommates and so very nice.  (Me on the left, Julia in the middle, and kaiulani on the right)


I was so sad today to find out that Julie just passed away.  She apparently went into a coma during a chemo treatment and never woke up.  I’m in tears thinking about it.   She was a special lady and I was hoping to keep in touch with her and join her at another breast cancer conference next year.  I’m sorry we never had a chance to reconnect.


Praying for her and her family.