I went to Germany with a friend I met from the RSNC named Maria Arruda and her friend Felicia.

We went via Air Canada.  Never again.  I hate that airline.  Food sucks and they couldn’t promise the food I was getting had no dairy, gluten or nuts in it.  Tasted like shit.  Good thing my gut instinct was to grab some California rolls from the sushi airport restaurant or I would have starved to death.

We had a bit of a problem at the car rental place.  They gave us a really huge SUV and I was not comfortable driving it.  So we waited a couple of hours til the next car came in.  And low and behold, it was a nice, sleek black Jaguar.  Worth the wait. I LOVE this car.

We went briefly to the old part of Frankfurt…


And continued to Weisbaden.

Then we went to a beautiful little Tea shop (it was raining outside) and had a lovely afternoon Tea.  There were two old wax figures of women having tea in the store front window, so we thought it would be grand to try it out.   We weren’t disappointed. It was a lot of fun.


Lovely florist shop with stunning flowers.

Well, at least the ducks were enjoying this wet weather!


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