Maria Arruda’s Birthday

IMG_6454IMG_6454Tuesday May 30

Starting to feel a bit better. Dr Mariam gave me some homeopathic drops to reduce the pleural infusion in my lungs. It seems to be working. When I have trouble sleeping, I have to sit upright, not lay flat.

So Dr Sommer said I’m in much better shape now than when I came. He showed me the pictures of my fingertips from the dark room and they had thick black halos around them. Now they are grey. He said everything is working better but not my gallbladder. I must drink 1 1/2 litres of water every day. My liver, kidney, intestines, pancreas, and brain have improved.

He says the problems I’m having with my lungs are due to the parasites which are feeding off the toxicity of my amalgams. However I can’t take them out right now because I am too weak and it would be dangerous. I’m to keep detoxing, gain some weight and come back in September. And start chelation 2 weeks before I come.

Today was Maria’s 52nd birthday. We went to a nearby tapas restaurant called Monte Christopher, a local favourite.

Sorry to post this days later, but our wifi at this apartment is a bit sketchy.