IPad problems.

Nuts. My iPad told me to update and when I pushed the button it went to restore. I don’t remember my Apple ID and I haven’t backed it up for ages on my computer at home.

I may have lost some blogs I wanted to share with you and some precious notes I wrote for my kids. Crossing my fingers and hoping I didn’t lose it all.

Today I went for Vit C IV. Hoping I don’t develop pleural effusion (but at least I have the drain for it if I do). That’s always helped me before. I could use some energy, detoxing, and cancer killers on my side. I’m also taking soursop and doing coffee enemas to try to prolong my life.

The medicinal marijuana that finally arrived didn’t go over too well. It (1 part halluCinagin 10 parts CBD)
gave me a bad headache and my heart started beating irregularly. Not sure I want to take it again any time soon. It tastes like you are eating a skunk. Nasty.

Running out of battery on my iPhone. Gotta go. Will try to write tomorrow. I have more to tell you.

7 thoughts on “IPad problems.

  1. Maria,
    We have not met and I have just read your blog thanks to Art for Cancer’s email. You sound like an amazing person, wife and mom. My friend has encouraged me to go to Hippocrates, a clinic in Florida that many late stage cancer patients try as a last resort that has had tremendous success. It may be worth a look.
    I wish you strength, continued humour and longevity. Congratulations on a life well lived.

  2. I appreciate your attitude towards life and family. I, a person with an incurable illness,thank you for your insight.We will continue to live the best we can for whatever time that is remain.Best regards

  3. My beautiful Maria!

    How you are in my prayers! You are the most courageous and inspiring woman I have met at our art classes and beyond! And I am especially happy having attended the classes that you taught -you have such a wonderful and special way of teaching – I wish we could bring that passion to everyone!

    You are truly special Maria !

    Love you very much !


  4. Dear Maria,

    My thoughts and wishes are with you and your family on reading such devastating news. I’m finding it so difficult to write this. However, like you, I will not stop hoping for some sort of miracle and will pray that you will be allowed more time.

    You are one of the bravest people I’ve ever met, as are so many of those I’ve met through Art for Cancer. There is no doubt that your sense of humour, and sense of the ridiculousness which some of us have been sent with which to cope in life, and yet somehow we can still prevail, no matter what the odds have been. It is this and your love which has allowed you to beat Dr. Death.

    Not only are you are a great teacher for your own family, but the children who have been fortunate enough to be blessed with your extraordinary ability. It is clear that over the years you have been a solid role model for all those who have come in contact with you over the years. I feel so lucky and very honoured to have been able to get to know you through our workshops together in the Art for Cancer program, as well as a student when you were the teacher, as well!

    I’ve saved this as well as your other blogs, having gone back to the beginning of your journey. . I have begun to read, with mixed emotions – anger, sadness, joy when you were winning the battle in spite of all the adversity you have faced over the past years, and hope, My hopes are also with your beautiful family. Your blog is your book. I can’t think of a truer diary of a brave battle with this dreadful scourge than what you have written over these past years.

    Pax vobiscum,


    Jo-Ann Carroll

  5. Dear Maria,
    I had a privilege to be in your Christmas Cards class. Reading your emotional testament to cancer deeply touches me. I love your humor. Some people chose misery, spreading doom and gloom. You have chosen different way. You can still laugh in the face of cancer. Laughter is body’s natural painkiller. It can make you feel better. You never know when your time is up ( only God knows). Recently, one of the cancer survivor told me that she was supposed to live six months after the diagnosis and it was six years ago. Someone recommended her going to that insensitive doctor and throw it into his face. However, it was the small problem because the doctor died a few months after his verdict. Life is unpredictable and hilarious. Sometimes laughter is the only protection from insanity. Maria you are very special. I wish you all the best.

    Ivona Baginska

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