Day 6 Road Closed! Grrrr!

Today is Saturday which means a short day at the clinic for treatment.  Hooray!

imageEichotherm  (lampadina),  and four injections in the ass.  My hand is not looking very food after the dismal day I had with IVs the other day.


Mary and I planned to go visit Ludwigs Castles near Munich.  We were almost at Linderhof  when we came across a sign.  I thought it said road closed, but I don’t read German, so what do I know?  The GPS said to go that way, so why not?  How else were we going to get there?  It said we had 24 more Kms to go. Mary drove around the sign and off we went.  The scenery was spectacular.  The water was greeny.  I felt like I was in BC again, but the Bavarian mountains have taller peaks.

We were 21 Kms in without any problems until we saw this sign!  Anybody read German?  Grrr!  Had to turn around and go back….just when we were 3 km away from Linderhof!


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Guessing there was a rock Avalanche on the road.  We went to a gas station and asked for another route to get there.  Turns out we have to go around an entire lake and enter from the other side of where we were.  Our GPS is useless when there are road closures.  It won’t tell us another way to get to our destination.

We didn’t have enough time to drive all the way around the lake because it was 3:30 and the place closed at 4:00.  So we are hoping to get an early start tomorrow at Neushwanstein Castle first and also his fathers castle down the road ( Hollenzollen or something like that) from there and then try to get to Linderhof again.

We booked into a hotel called Villa Toscana in Fussen for the night and went into town.  Ended up at a restaurant the served its clients Medieval Style.  Had a honey wine served in an ale horn.  Yes I know.  The Italian man in the lampadina machine said no alcohol, but I couldn’t resist when Mary let me try hers.  It was soooo good and reminded me of Gluhwein at Christmastime!

Pics of of the town.


Pictures in our hotel.

Decided to to try the sauna after dinner.  Didn’t stay there long as I think my skin was burning.  Smelled weird after the lamp treatment and the sauna.  Liked crispy burning flesh.  Had a cold shower to even out the temperature of my body.  Ciao!image.jpeg

Cape Cod, Provincetown

Excerpts from my diary of our East Coast/New England Coast Trip; Sunday, August 18, 2013


IMG_3211Drove up the coast of Cape Cod today.  The houses are gorgeous and the shops are so quaint.  I found a place where they sold shells and was able to get a seahorse and a blowfish…new additions for my art lesson on underwater sea creatures.


IMG_3265IMG_3261We drove all the way to Provincetown, where one of the Tourism operators told us to be aware that alternative people and families lived there. It was fun.  I wish I had a camera ready when I was driving by two large men in pink and white tights and tutus.  Frick did  get a good shot of a guy in a gold dress.


Beach Shot in Provinceton (northern point of Cape Code)

Beach Shot in Provinceton (northern point of Cape Code)

T-Shirt Hey Bob?  How's the water? Bob?  Bob?

Hey Bob? How’s the water?
Bob? Bob?

Tank of Lobsters Who Farted?

Tank of Lobsters
Who Farted?

Should have bought one of these Lobster           T-shirts for my husband!

Tomorrow we’re off to Martha’s Vineyard.

By the way, I found Dedo (remember him… He’s the gargoyle I was looking for in France with his fingers crossed…a nun put him high on the roof top of Notre Dame cathedral so that any angels coming down to earth wouldn’t be afraid of the scary gargoyles).  Well, I found Dedo in a quaint little shop in Cape Cod and brought him home.  So now he sits in our garden amidst the other gargoyles we have (Spike…who picks his bum, our chained gargoyle on a coffin, and the wacky one hanging on the wall of our house).









Spike busy scratching his butt

Spike busy scratching his butt