Winter Tree’s

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Not much going on.  Still have issues with my throat.  I went to the Robert Schadd Naturopathic Clinic last Wednesday.  I’m looking into doing some Vitamin C I.V. treatment. They recommended I take some special throat tea to coat my throat.  I’m still thirsty, but not as bad as before.  I know it will take time, but I really wish things were back to normal.  Back, neck, and pelvis still hurts, especially when I wake up in the morning.  The only good thing about my recent radiation treatment is that my skin is so dry, my oily nose can’t produce any more blackheads! It’s never looked better.

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Last week I went to school and started doing an acrylic winter tree scene with the Grade 5’s.  I kind of overdid it.  Spent more time in there than I probably should have because I was so excited to see what they came up with.  Unfortunately, I also got a bit run down.  I think the radiation treatment “fatigue” effect has finally hit me.  That’s why I’m going to do very little this week. I know I need to take it easy.  I say that, but I am still running volleyball practices. My body is telling me to take it easy, but my mind says, “Go, Go, Go!”  Frack’s intermediate team won yesterday’s game and has another one tomorrow night.  They are doing well.  It’s fun to see their skills improve.  They are working as a team now.

As promised, here are some of the grade 5 winter scenes.  We started this acrylic painting project by making a sky, moon, snow, and fir trees.

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Then, we added the foreground (5 or more trees).  That’s when things started getting really complicated.  Some of their trees started off skinny and then just kept getting larger, larger, and larger.  I had to do a lot of rescuing, I’m afraid, with birch trees, when that happened.  I used a palette knife so I could do it quickly.  Well, here are the results.  I think they turned out pretty good.  I’m thinking of having an art show in the spring so the kids can showcase their work for their parents.




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By the way, I always try to get the teacher of the class to do the art project I’m doing too so that he/she can teach the lesson again next year and I can do a new one.  It’s easier to remember when you’ve done it yourself and besides, it’s fun to paint.

This painting belongs to the teacher.  She’s going to put it up in her house.  I’m glad she tried it and is happy with the finished product.

Next…. I’m doing watercolour giraffes with the grade 2’s.  I’m hoping they can draw ’cause this project may be a bit challenging for them.  Wish me luck.  I’m think I’m better suited doing art with the older kids, but at least there are only 20 or less in the grade 1-3 classes.