Bone Marrow Biopsy

Went for my bone marrow biopsy with my sister yesterday.  Took my son’s ipad with all the games on it and hoped for the best.  When my husband has to give me my shots/injections from Germany, I play on the ipad to get my mind off of the upcoming Ouch!  Sometimes my husband gets it right and it doesn’t hurt too much, but then sometimes he gets it in the wrong spot and I’m cursing up a storm.

Anyhow, back to the biopsy.  Two needles to freeze my lower back, worth two loud groans.  Then, when the nice indian doctor thought it was frozen enough, he stuck, what I believe to be a big needle into my bone marrow (he told me I would feel some pressure while he did the aspiration), which got another loud OUCH from me!  And then for the big kicker, he had to take a piece of my bone for examination…which was worth one hell of a yell…especially when he was having difficulty getting the bone sample and he had to go back and forth to crack the sucker.  My sister watched the whole thing and thought it was cool.  I envisioned that he got something like a wine bottle screwtop and cracked my bone with it….but I don’t really know since I was trying really hard to concentrate on my game.  However,  all I could think of was just when is this going to be over.  Kept playing my game Chef’s Diner until they rolled me over and put a big bandage on it  for bleeding.  He apologized for what he claimed was the barbaric way they have to get bone marrow which hasn’t changed in 10 years.

A nurse tried to get my blood shortly thereafter, but was unsuccessful.  I asked her to try heating my arm with a heating pad which I learned from Germany…and that seems to do the trick.  Bingo, out came the blood.  When I got home later that afternoon, I saw my results on infowell.  All my blood test results (liver/kidney etc) were finally normal except the HEMOGLOBIN.  I am now getting dangerously close to getting a blood transfusion…it’s at 84 (normal is above 120).  It’s been going down by 10 every week since mid-August.

So I checked on the internet and found that one of the medications I’m on from Germany can cause anemia.  I stopped taking it today and now am, unfortunately back on chemo, which is something I really, really didn’t want to do.  I think I was taking too much Artesunat (200 mg); which is generally used for malaria in Africa, but apparently works on preventing cancer cells from growing.

I pray they don’t find any metastatic disease in my bone marrow.  Won’t know until Friday.  Hate waiting.


Frick and Frack are quite content in their new school.  Frack is no longer coming home crying and having temper tantrums like he did when he was at the other school, so I know I made the right decision in moving.  Apparently my son’s tormentor is after another kid at his school who lives around the corner from me.  His mother said her son didn’t want to go to school and couldn’t sleep at night because he was afraid that kid was going to be in his class.  Unbelievable.  Honestly, so glad to be out of there, though I feel for this up and coming victims.

Frick is going to sign up for Flag Football, Borden Ball, and perhaps Cross-Country and is looking forward to going to Quebec this year.  She came home last week and said,  “Hey mom, I actually LIKE school”.  This was coming from the kid who whenever someone asked her if she was looking forward to going to school, would look at them as if they were nuts and  emphatically reply, “NO!”

Thankfully the two of them are settling down nicely and I take comfort in knowing that.  I am looking forward to going to the school and doing some art lessons, but the lack of oxygen has kind of got me homebound for the moment.

I hate making lunches and told the kids to make their own from now on.  I don’t see the point in sending food that comes right back, so I’m on strike.  It’s working pretty good.  This morning my ass hurt so much from the biopsy, I told them to make their own lunches because I was on drugs and was not getting up.  It worked.  The day before, they conned my sister to take them to the store to buy some snacks.  I told them only to buy healthy snacks and they essentially brought home stuff I would never buy for them, like Lucky Charms Cereal, honey donuts and something that looked like Hostess Twinkies.  This is after I made some healthy carrot/pineapple muffins (which they won’t touch).  I wonder what kind of lies my children fed my sister…Oh yes…mom will let us buy that. I’m sure their lunches were filled with nothing but junk today, but I guess I’m just going to have to accept the fact that it didn’t kill me when my mother bought that kind of junk the odd time; it won’t kill them either.


My “British” Son

My friend Cathy has informed me that I had to write on my blog and update it because I haven’t done so in a long time….so here we go.

Frack is doing incredibly well at his new school.  The change in him has been dramatic.  He is so happy; he is a totally different child when he comes home from school.  He has made so many friends and his teacher has told me he is thriving.  I, even being a teacher, had no idea that bullying could has such a detrimental effect on another child.

The work that Frack is doing now compared to the workbooks from his old school is like night and day.  One sentence and perhaps a picture versus pages and pages of writing.  I am in awe and count my blessings that I got him out of there.  Changing schools was definitely the right thing to do.

I have also been told by teachers that Frack is apparently, a chic magnet….that the girls LOVE him.  I kind of thought that my colleagues were just being kind until I went to one of Frick’s soccer games after school and had an interesting conversation with two of the parents there.  One parent (of a girl from Frack’s class) said, “Oh, you are the parent of the new British boy I have heard so much about”.   My daughter never stops talking about him.

British?  My son’s not British.  I had to laugh at that because Frack has a speech impediment and cannot say his “R’s” correctly and speaks, from what I can tell, with a Boston accent.  Apparently, it’s working really well for him.  The girls love it.  Now I’m thinking I should let him keep talking like that instead of hiring a speech therapist to correct it.   That little girl gave my son a BFF (best friends forever keychain with a light) the next day.  She was not the only one who thought my son was British.  Frick came home one day shortly after they started at the new school and told me that no one believed she was Frack’s older sister because she didn’t have a British accent.  What a riot.

At the soccer game, another greek parent with a son in Frack’s class, said, “Yes, thank heavens your son came to our school.  The girls used to love my son, but now they are after yours and it’s taken the pressure off him.

Go figure.

I think things are working out for the best with Frick too.  She always used to come home on the defensive and that is just not happening anymore.  She’s settling down nicely.  Now if only I could get her to inform me that she has homework!  She has a habit of hiding things from me; but that is going to change as of tonight…she must immediately do her work when she gets home.  Last night, after swim classes, I found out she had reams and reams of math she didn’t understand.  After she had a crying fit, we worked on it together until 11:00 at night.  I think she gets it now.  I don’t know why she gets so worked up about it.  One of my colleagues told me a long time ago that you can never teach your own child.  I think she is right.


I’m having a spinal MRI done tonight at 1:30 in the morning, and then I have an appointment with my oncologist Friday morning.  I have been having a significant amount of pain and have had to take painkillers on a daily basis.  Something is wrong, I just hope it’s not too bad.  I can’t even walk around for very long or go to the Y to exercise without being in a lot of pain.   Two weeks ago, my period showed up and I have been in bad shape since then.  My cancer feeds off estrogen and when that happened, I was not a happy camper.  I warned my family physician and oncologist that I thought it was coming back.  I had blood work I had done in March and my family doctor told me I was in menopause.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was NOT in menopause.  That also means that if I have to take hormone therapy again, I’m going into “Menopause” once again.  Hot flashes here they come.  That will be the third time.  It’s bad enough experiencing menopause once, but three times.  Really?

Hope they can fix my back problems.  Check out this tattoo.  If only it were that simple.


Another Day

I’m feeling down today.  My neck is hurting and I’m waiting for my CT Scan results to see if the cancer has spread to any of my organs.  I don’t see my oncologist until next Friday, but I’m hoping that my LTD nurse will email them to me soon.  I really don’t do well with that contrast radioactive dye they give you when they do those CT Scans.  It gives me runny diarrhea for a couple of hours after the scan and then I get really weird pale yellow stools for a several days.  I ate some seaweed to try to clean the dye out of my intestines, soaked in himalayan bath salts, and have been trying to drink some detox drinks; however my energy level has definitely been zapped.  Worrying doesn’t help either.  My arm has also been hurting me too from a Tetanus vaccine I had back in February…which also puts a dent in your immune system.

Eight year old Frack has been home now for almost 3 weeks because I have refused to let him go back to school since he came home and told me he wanted to die and he cried himself to sleep.  The psychologist told me to get him out of there; however our superintendent has turned down my plea to allow him to attend my school on compassionate grounds.  His current school wants him to stay in the class with a bully who has sent him to the hospital twice (shoved him into a wall in kindergarten, kicked him in the kidneys in Grade 1….right where he had an operation for hydronephrosis), and I just can’t do that to him.  I asked him if he wants to go back to his school today and he said, “No”.  The psychologist told me he wasn’t learning anything anyway because all he can focus on is surviving from the second he gets into the classroom, to recess, to lunch, then recess again, until he goes home at 3:00.  So now I’m home-schooling him.

Unfortunately, it has become very difficult at his school for everyone to attend a meeting to discuss my concerns and to review my son’s assessment.  I was hoping a meeting was going to take place this Friday, but their school psychologist couldn’t be there.  How much do you want to bet this meeting will take place when I have to have radiation treatment on my neck?

I must admit Frack has a real trooper and has been working diligently on the assignments I have given him.  His assessment indicated that he has some hand motor co-ordination problems so I’ve been working on correcting that.  He is now holding his pencil correctly and is doing an awesome job learning how to handwrite.  I don’t think he will need to see an occupational therapist now at this rate.  He likes to handwrite.  Frack is also having a good time using the “Draw Squad” book…where he completes different art lessons every day to improve his visual motor co-ordination.  That should help him too.  He also loves to do math, thank heavens and is working from an old grade 4 math book I like. English however, is another story.

And I’m not sure how to improve his speech articulation though (the letter r)….I’m afraid he will have to live in Boston when he grows up because he has an accent just like them.  Can’t tell my son is from Canada.  I spent $135 each for 5 lessons in December and only now got reimbursed for it (has to go to my insurance and then my husbands).  It is so cumbersome dealing with the paperwork, it’s awful…my friend Cathy comes over and does  my insurance papers for me because all I want to do is scream and cry when I see them.  This also makes me never want to go to massage therapists, naturopaths, etc. because I don’t want to deal with the paperwork.

Anyway, time for bed.

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New Tumour

I went to see my spine guy yesterday and was told they found another tumour growing….this time in my neck (C5).  So now I need to get it radiated the end of March.  No wonder I bought 2 pillows over the last couple of months.  I think my neck started hurting before it was even detected on the MRI because they didn’t see it in December and I bought a new pillow in November.  Trying not to get too worked up about it.  However, the associate started asking me questions like:   Do you have any headaches which tylenol didn’t help?  Any dizziness?  Nausea?  “Great”, I thought… “She thinks it’s in my brain too”.  I told her no, but I did have some headaches from what I thought were from the barometric pressure.  Now I question whether I should have said yes, so they can check out my brain too.  More concerning for me right now is that my back is itchy.  It’s worse after I take a shower and I think I feel a bump there, although BoBo tells me that it’s where my metal rods were inserted.  I don’t know what to think and am in a bit of a panic about that….but you would have thought if it was something, the associate would have seen it and told me about it after seeing my more recent MRI.

Frick and Frack are at home right now.  Frick has strep throat, and Frack….I’m currently not sending him to school due to issues of bullying.  So now I’m home schooling him until I figure out what to do.