Capilano Bridge, Vancouver Lookout, Gastown


Monday, September 21
Finally we had one good day of weather so I went on the Capilano Bridge.  It was amazing.  There was a HUGE Suspension Bridge, a tree top walk and a cliff walk.  I’m okay with heights, but bouncinging on that bridge with about 100 million ther people sure wasn’t great for my back.  Time for an oxycocet after I got to the other side!  Guess my newly radiated bone didn’t have enough time to grow back yet!  Ouch!

That place was REALLY amazing.  It was so nice breathing in the fresh rainforest air.  Did you know that the smell of pine forests kills lung cancer cells?  Hopefully it worked on whatever’s growing in my lung!  I definitely could breathe better!

Having issues getting pics in here so I’m posting them all at once!














Then I went to a 4 D film called Fly Over Canada (filmed from BC to the East Coast) and got nauseous because I didn’t really eat anything that morning and I didn’t really feel like flying and smelling weird scents.  Walked over the the Vancouver Lookout…waste of money if you have been to the CN Tower first….doesn’t compare.

Met up with Sharon and Make in Gastwon and had a lovely lunch at an Italian trattoria.  I had soup and gnocchi.  It was too much food so I told Sharon we should pack it up and give it to one of the many homeless people we see in the streets.  She thought that was a good idea.


Didn’t take her long before a woman walked up to her and told her it was her birthday and could she spare some change.  Sharron yelled, “Well, Happy a Birthday” , and proceeded to hand over her leftover pasta.


Me, I started talking to an Indian carver perched on the side of the road making masks.  Bobo told me to look for a mask because he wanted one.  Well these masks are well over $1,000 in the art gallery’s.  The guy on the corner wanted $700.  Needless to say, I didn’t purchase one.  Found out the carver also had a tumour in his back,  fractured his spine, and had metal rods in his back and was going to have surgery the next day.  Gave him my gnocchi!  Hope he liked them…he said he never tried them before.  Wished him luck on his surgery and told him I would pray for him.


Headed home early and went into the steam room to try to get my achy breaks bones to feel good.  It worked.