Another Fun-Filled Day in the ER

IMG_0232IMG_0222Spent some quality time picking my nose at the ER at Mount Sinai hospital today. 5 1/2 hours. Where do I begin? Let’s see….

IMG_0219Went to my appointment for my vitamin C I.V. at the naturopathic college. Told the doc.  I wasn’t feeling so hot. I felt like I was having heart failure. I know that feeling all to well. I also had my weird “asthma”cough which I get when I eat dairy products. However, I’m on this bloody gluten free diet and haven’t touched anything dairy in a week. I figured my new symptoms might be caused the new supplements I was taking my new Naturopath in Etobicoke. I think that veggie protein drink I bought makes me asthmatic and the B17 vitamin is screwing up my heart.

IMG_0231The Dr. at Robert Shadd clinic listened to my lungs and thought she heard fluid in there and instructed me to go to emergency. Apparently that’s a symptom of heart failure. I was just going to go home, but after she told me that, I thought it would be prudent to go to the ER even though I didn’t want to.

IMG_0229I arrived at 11:30.  At around 2:00 the ER doc. (when she saw me 3 hours later), said I should have a chest X-Ray. I told her “No Thank You”. “Why couldn’t she just order me a CT scan on my lungs and liver since I was suppose to have one a couple of weeks ago anyway.”   She said she didn’t think I had heart failure because she didn’t hear anything in my lungs, but I may have metastasis in my lungs or a pulmonary embolism.

IMG_0227Now I’m no doctor, but I figured if it was a pulmonary embolism, I would have been dead by the time they scanned me several hours later.

IMG_0225She said the pain I was feeling on a bone on my ribs could be the result of lung mets.  So I told her that while I was having a CT scan on my lungs, they may as well scan my liver too, since that’s another hot spot that mets go to and I didn’t want to have the scan twice…once for my chest and once for my abdomen. She said she couldn’t order the abdomen to be scanned because that wasn’t why I came in the ER. I told her I may as well go next door to PMH and get my onc. to order one scan for both because I really didn’t need the extra radiation. She said it may take 4 weeks for my onc. to order the CT scans and she had to check for a pulmonary embolism. I told her I didn’t care, I was going home. She then decided to phone my onc. who told her to order both. I think I have finally learned to advocate for myself and work the system. It’s been a long process, but goody for me!


Bobo bought me some lunch…via a message from me via email. Thank heavens for free wi-fi at hospitals.  Yes, I know, buy a phone.  I was thinking of emailing my friend Wanetta who works nearby for some food if Bobo couldn’t come! He spend an hour with me and then went back to work while I chatted with all the other patients there and told them the drill.  That dr. over there is called Goldstein…he wrote a book about the Midnight Shift in the ER”.  Scary when you recognize the doctors.

5:00. Got my results….sort of.  No pulmonary embolism…now there’s a shock. No liver mets. My dermoid cyst decreased 1/2 cm. No heart failure. No bone mets on my rib, which hurts like hell (she said it’s probably muscular).

IMG_0224However, there is something going on in my lungs, but she said phone my oncologist and talk to him about it tomorrow. I tried to decipher the gobbley gook, but could only make out that there is a spot on my lung (tissue damage?) from radiation treatment. It said something about cement (I’m guessing from when I fractured my back and they did surgery on that bone).

Here is what the report said on my lungs:

There is a bilateral apical fibrosis stable in the interval. Along the major fissure on the right side the nodules have increased in size. In the left upper lung, there is a stable .3 cm nodule. Along the fissure in the left lung the nodules have increased in size. In the left lower lobe there is linear atelectasis.

Summary: The nodularity along the right base pleural have increased in size and also the fissural nodules bilaterally have also increased in size in the interval. This could be concerning for metastases.


“Could Be?”  I’m taking this with a grain of salt. I don’t think it’s anything but the after effects of the radiation treatment I had in January. Until they tell me for sure it’s mets in the lungs, I won’t be doing chemo. any time soon.  I go for my spinal MRI in mid-May. We’ll see what happens there with my bones.

IMG_0199Meanwhile, my german doctor sent me the results of my urine sample today when I got home after 7:00 p.m. Can’t read german, so I have to get someone to translate it first. But I did see he ordered Sanomit (co-enzyme Q-10) for my heart. Interesting he figured that something was going on with my heart from a pee sample from 2 weeks ago.

IMG_0194By the way, I don’t have an appointment with my oncologist until July because they have this new protocol at PMH. I used to see my oncologist or resident every month when I went to get my 2 shots in the stomach. Now I have to go to the 4th floor for my shots by a team of nurses and don’t see my onc. until July. Too bad, so sad. Guess I won’t be having that discussion about “What is in your lungs”. There is nothing in my lungs. Yes there is. We know what it is. No we don’t. However, this time I’m not going to let them shove anything in there to test out the waters like they did with that bone marrow biopsy. There is something to be said about your gut instinct. Trust it. I’m just going to tell him that if there is something there, it will show up in a couple of months on another scan…however it will say Mets to lungs not “could be”. Until then, I am quite happy to be merrily on my way doing “Quackery”.

Hope you like the rest of the gr. 2/3 acrylic canvases above.  I did some flower paintings (tulip/poppies) at the Art for Cancer Foundation on Monday (shown above too)

These are paintings were made by our teacher, Sarah Hall.



And these are made by other cancer patients at Monday’s art workshop.  I love going there because it’s always fun being the student and learning something new!

IMG_0203 IMG_0205


Organs are Clear

I went to see my oncologist today and he was actually there. I said, “Who is this stranger in the room?” Might it be my oncologist?”  “Where’s my organic muffins?”, he piped in. “I’m not making them any more, I told him, “Ever since I went to see my family doctor and she told me I was fat. Apparently I gained 10 pounds since the last time I saw her.” “Did you tell her that you were on chemo? he answered. “Yes,” and then she said something like…”Will it’s not going to matter soon anyway”. (I think she meant I am going to become a skeleton down the road when this disease progresses). I told him I was not too happy coming out of there and have not made a muffin since. He told me that that does not happen to all breast cancer patients. I don’t think he was happy either and may write a note to her to tell her to lay off about my weight so I can start making muffins again. He said that someone bought Tim Horton donuts today and they were on a counter in the other room and he didn’t need that. I told him my muffins were healthier than the donuts someone brought in. What I really should have told him was that if my condition gets worse and I am in a lot of pain, I’ll be making some special magic brownies instead, and he will be welcome to having some of those too! In fact, I could make some for the whole oncology department.  Ha ha!

I was suppose to have a mammogram today (which was ordered by my surgeon), but then I was told that since I already had a CT Scan last week, it was not necessary. He said, “I personally have never had a breast mammogram, but I heard it’s rather painful and they squish it”. “That’s right”, I told him. “It’s not fun. I never wanted to go to that appointment today anyway so I will just go over the Mount Sinai and cancel it after I get my shot in the stomach.”

“All is good”, he told me. “Your organs are clear.” That’s good”, I told him, “Because I thought I had a tumour in my neck and was expecting to be radiated today.” I proceeded to tell him my sordid tale. I think I entertain them all there.  The nut bar who brings in the muffins is here today…wonder what she is going to tell us today?


My oncologist has a new woman associate (I think the mexican guy went back home). She seems very nice too. I haven’t got a name for her yet…just give me time. I go back in 4 weeks for my Xgeva shot and I see her because my oncologist is going to Ottawa for something.


My kids seems to be adjusting to their new school pretty well. Frack has been rather perplexed in the morning because he is not used to choosing his own clothes. “Can you find me something to wear, mommy?” he asked me today. He is so used to wearing that costume over there (I call it their Tim Horton’s uniform) that he is dumbfounded that he doesn’t have to do this anymore. And Frick… well she is over the moon about being able to wear real clothes and has been anticipating a shopping spree to suit her up-coming style (shopping is the carrot I dangled over her nose to try to convince her to leave her old school, what can I say?).

Frick misses her friends, but seems to have found some nice kids to hang around with. She was a bit concerned that everyone would be smarter than her. Fortunately, they were learning about conversion in math and she was able to help some of her group members because she knew how to do it.  I think that made her feel better.

What I found most amusing yesterday was that Frack came home with a book in his hands and he told me and Frick to BE QUIET as we drove home because he had to read. I wondered who that kid was sitting in the back seat. Another good thing was that he actually ate some of his lunch too. Things are looking good.

A good friend from my support group last night told me to go buy a lottery ticket, which I did…so next week if I’m blogging you from some sunny beach destination, you’ll know that I won. Oh, and Mouzos told me she’s coming too.  My husband, however, won’t be joining us…because he will be at the happiest place on earth. Where might that be, you ask? Disneyland, of course! My husband never grew up!