Rant about Walmart, Robbers In My Neighbourhood, and Dad, You Are One in a Minion


Intended to post this on Father’s Day, but my internet was giving me problems. Sorry I’m late!

This spring chicken is still very sore from my LaserQuest escapade over a week ago.  In fact, if the pain doesn’t get better soon, I think I may have to err in the side of caution and request an x-ray or MRI on my back.  It kind of feels like the time I fractured my back.  That’s not good.  That’ll teach me.

IMG_0848I ran out of snake venom and am only taking what looks mostly like vitamins and injections 3x a week, right now from Germany.  That has me a little bit concerned. I’m happy to say that the bottle of Sanomit (liquid Co-enzyme Q10) has really improved my heart…I can now walk up a flight of stairs without being breathless now and the arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) I was having has stopped.  My recent echo test shows me at 55%, down from 62%, but that is still in the normal range (55-75).  Hearts still good. Backs bad.  What can you do?

Frick just came back from Quebec.  All I can say is that it was very quiet when she was gone.

I actually heard my son speak!

Brother For Sale

Anyhow, I hope you have a Happy Father’s Day.  Decided to post some of the watercolour minions I made with a grade 3/4 class at my school.  Dad, You Are One In A Minion!

Here they are!


IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853IMG_0854 IMG_0855


Now, if you have time.  I am going on another rant about Walmart.  Needed a carpet for the entrance to my side door.  Found one at Walmart.  Drag it (it was heavy) to the cashier with the help of Frack.  Backs really sore now.

walmart need anythingWaited in line.  HATE line ups at Walmart.  Aggravated.  Finally, my turn.  NO F’n bar code/tag/price tag on the carpet I picked.  She puts my item on the side.  Calls for another ding bat. No ding bat shows up for another hour.  Standing in line, (back hurts more when standing still).  Asked the cashier if I could go back there and get it myself .  Sure.  I go ALL the way back to the carpet section half way across store.  Found same carpet.  No bar code.  Found the bar code on plastic thing on shelf.  Take it out.  Take picture on my ipad of the carpet and the bar code.  Back to cashier, who is with another customer. Give her bar code.  Show her ipad picture.  Looks like she doesn’t believe me.  See another ding bat dressed in blue vest behind her. She gives it to him and tell him to go back to the carpet area and make sure it’s the right one.  “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  I holler?  I just went there and got that thing for nothing?   I sat on her bag area and complained bitterly of how I have cancer in my back and it is killing me and I have to wait even longer for some guy to check it after brought the damn bar code over myself. Stewed about it for about a minute and then yelled, “Forget it!  I am going HOME”.  And that folks, is what happens when you are agitated and in pain.  Go Home.



Dragged my husband to another Walmart the next day to get me a carpet!




And earlier on, I had a fight with the manager/customer sales rep. for an hour because the idiot they sent to find the leak in my bathroom was incompetent and I still have a leak.  They aren’t going to do anything about it.  I am bitter.  Don’t ever hire Rona Home and Gardens for anything.  I warned you.


The only good thing that happened to me that day is that I coerced Starbucks to give me free coffee for our graduation on Tuesday.  God Bless Starbucks.




A couple of nights ago someone tried breaking into a house at the corner of my street.  The poor guy was sitting in his bedroom (he has 2 kids too) while people were trying to climb into his window.  Fortunately, someone had already called the cops and they arrived to catch 3 of them.  The fourth went running down the street.  One of my neighbours nearby chased him down and sat on him till the cops came and got him.  3 boys and 1 girl altogether.  Gosh, haven’t had this kind of excitement in my neighbourhood since the woman with the giant knife came to my my house….but that’s another story.  This is all hearsay from what Bobo got from the neighbourhood.


P.S.  There is a new LaserQuest opening up in Whitby in July.

I still haven’t survived the last attack.

I got 3 free tickets.

Anyone want mine?