And The MRI Results Are IN!

Good news! Just got my MRI report. My many tumours in my spine are ALL STABLE!




The Snake Venom is WORKING!




Doesn’t taste too bad…kind of like an alcoholic drink! Just got to get my head around it now that I know what it is.  Crap I was shitting my pants all day today with worry.

So the plan now is, get off everything except what the German guy is going to send me (I’ve almost run out).  And make necessary adjustments next month when I get my lung x-rayed.  I’ve been on the snake venom for 3 months and nothing has increased in size in my bones since January, so this is very good news.  I can always go back on the tamoxifen later as I have a 3 month supply.

snake-RattleSnakeHopefully my heart will stabilize too without all the extra stuff I was taking which seems to have been interacting with one another.  I should have known better.  However, I’ve been through this road before with my heart, and know what I need to do (exercise/eat) myself back to health.