Whistler, BC.



The plane ride here was turbulant…it was like we were on a roller coaster! Bobo loved it!  Said it reminded him of Wonderland!  My back could have used less drama.

imageOur original Air Canada plane broke and they squished us on a smaller plane. The food looked really sketchy and I chose not to have lunch. (Thank heavens Angela C. Gave me an apple to munch on on this trip or I would have really been in trouble.

My back and right lung was hurting during the flight.  I don’t think there was much oxygen in the beat up old plane we were on.  And the scratched up film screen didn’t have any of the good movies listed in the book.  And I couldnt hear the movies either.

Oddly enough, the only good thing was that Bobo got bumped from first class to sitting right next to me with the aisle between us.  What a fluke.  Couldn’t have planned that better.

It was a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Whistler.   Nursed my back with my heating pad when we finally got to the hotel and had a late dinner. I was famished!

Lost Lake, WhistlerWent for a glorious long walk to Lost Lake this morning with my husband. Lung felt better, but my back sure didn’t!

Signed myself up for a massage which really did the trick! Now I know how to handle my situation! Party hardy and do what I want and then pay someone ridiculous sums of money to massage my back!

Now the good news is that the guy who is paying for this elaborate room in this expensive hotel, also gave us a $300 spa credit. Yahoo!

The Lord works in mysterious ways!