Frankenmuth, Michigan

September 12, 2015

Sorry I haven’t been blogging all summer, but it’s hard to do when you have kids! Life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Road tripI had planned on going to New York in July/August and on a driving trip to PEI and Cape Breton, but my plans were kiboshed because of 2 new tumours growing on T8 and T9. I knew something was up in June…just didn’t feel right. There is also something going on in my lung/diaphram and pancreas but I’m not sure what it is because I haven’t seen my oncologist to find out what he thinks….that’s a whole other story.

Wasn’t sure how I was going to make out doing the drive by myself. So I took the kids to Science North in Sudbury (4 hours away) to see how I would fair. Did okay, but sure was glad to get back and get on my biomat. My back really hurt.


IMG_0266IMG_0279Then I underwent a week of radiation.  Bobo had the last week in August off, so we went to a niffty little German Bavarian Christmas town in the States called “Frankenmuth”. It houses the largest Christmas Store in the world….the size of a football field. And it really is that big.

IMG_0283Of course, we had to go there and check it out. Here are some of the pics! If you get a chance, you really must drive out there and check this place out, especially if you love Christmas! Took us about 4 1/2 hours to get there (via Sarnia border crossing).  Oh, and if you have kids there are 2 indoor water parks (The Bavarian Inn for smaller children and The Zehnders for older kids) which I am sure they will love.

IMG_0285 IMG_0287 IMG_0290






Now if water parks and Christmas Stores aren’t your thing, the little town is quite adorable and you can go for long picturesque walks and look around, shop at the quaint little boutiques or even go on an old fashion boat.  Something for everyone…even your cats and dogs.


IMG_0319 IMG_0255 IMG_0451








IMG_0412And if you are tired, and need a little push around the Christmas Store, they even have a wheelchair available to pick up!  Could have used a self-serve motorized one for myself though; Frack decided to take me for a quick ride, here, there, and everywhere!  He got a kick wheeling me around!