CT Not For Me, Easter Bunnies, and Michael’s Spring Time in Paris Contest





funny-animals-318Decided not to go to my CT Scan on Monday morning to drink radioactive crap and get an additional 2 years worth of radiation in my body. The lady on the phone asked me why I was cancelling. I told her that I wasn’t mentally prepared for it. That my doctors have been wrong too many times and I’m still reeling from last weeks news that I was going to become a quadriplegic when in reality, I wasn’t. I was not prepared to do the scan on Monday because I didn’t want to hear any results. Period.  (Besides I have to go to church to sing that night and that stuff gives me diarrhea).

IMG_9998IMG_9996She told me I should really discuss canceling this scan with my doctor and that she would hold onto my appointment until I called him. I told her don’t bother because I wasn’t going to call him or change my mind. And even if I did the scan and they did found more cancer in me, I wouldn’t change my mind about what treatment plan I was doing anyway, so why bother? So too bad, I wasn’t coming in on Monday.  I don’t think very many people disregard scans and orders from their doctors, but honestly folks, I have had quite enough and could use a break from all this.  That gave her something to think about.  I wonder if she ratted me out and phoned my oncologist.








This week I was busy making bunny rabbits with one of our grade 2/3 classes as you can see.






I’ve also been coaching a grade 5 co-ed volleyball team. It consisted of four girls from my previous team and some new boys. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t perform very well because none of the boys (except Frack) ever played volleyball before and they didn’t know what they were doing. I went in there thinking we might get creamed, but instead we did the creaming! Played six games against three different schools and won them all.






We are currently in first place and play in another tournament in late April when hopefully we will bring home a pennant! The kids were so nervous and so happy that they won.  They are so eager to play and improve their skills that they happily come in to practice at 7:30 in the morning.  So cute.






IMG_0069Michaels Paris ContestToday we went to the St. Lawrence market to pick up some food. Bobo bought me a really cool umbrella to help me with my photo contest entry (Michaels Win A Trip to Paris).  This was my first photo for the contest ( left hand side).  I used the umbrella to get some more colour in my picture.  Better yet, the next time I need to teach a class about the colour wheel, out comes my beautiful umbrella!

Here is my final photo submission and essay.

I sent it in this afternoon and then later realized I made a mistake in it.

Can you find it?


Michaels Paris Contest Photo Entry

What could be more magical than a trip to Paris in the spring-time?

How wonderful it would be to have champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, discover gargoyles on the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral, and enjoy a dinner boat cruise on the Seine River after watching a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge? Il serait magnifique! Not to mention going on a VIP Tour of the Louvre to see some of the world’s most famous art masterpieces. Sketching lessons of Parisian monuments, creating beautiful floral arrangements and a participating in a French Cooking Class….that would be FABULOUS! What an extraordinary experience that would be which I would love to share with my daughter! It would be so much fun and an unbelievable trip of a life-time!

For me, another magnificent part about winning a trip to Paris in the spring would be to get the chance to paint in Monet’s garden when the tulips, iris’s, wisteria, and cherry blossoms will be in full bloom . . . a dream come true. Vive la France!


The contest closes on Tuesday.

I WonI’ll be posting this cat on my blog next week if I win (or you will soon be seeing a posting of me and Frick at the Eiffel Tower because I will be on the next flight outta here!)




After two days of painting in Monet’s Garden,  we headed back to Paris and then took a train to Versailles.  This was my cousin’s idea.  She had bought tickets for us to see the Night Fountain Show.  I was there just for the ride;  I had never heard of the place.  But let me tell you, it was spectacular.  I could not believe my eyes.  I had no idea a place like this existed.  They get over 3,000 visitors a day.  Thank heavens I had my handicap note from my doctor because I don’t think I would have been able to stand in the line up.


When we had gone to the Eiffel Tower, our guide told us that one day the King decided he was getting a bit bored of Paris and wanted another Palace built for himself.  So he built Versailles and lived there in supreme luxury until the French Revolution.  That’s when the people decided they had had enough of paying taxes and they captured him in his room.  His wife, Marie Antoinette, was also taken from her bedroom.  They both were sent to the guillotine on a very old bridge in Paris.  I have lots of pictures to show you.

Kings Bedroom

Queen’s Bedroom
The Hall of Mirrors (the king’s guests were impressed because they could see a full body image of themselves…mirrors were rare and he had an entire hallway of them).
There was beautiful artwork everywhere.  Feel kind of sorry for the artists who had to get on a scaffold and paint on a curved ceiling.  Hope they were paid well.
Another section of the palace.
Statues, Statues everywhere you looked.
The King’s Garden contained a couple of hundred acres of manicured gardens with statues and fountains everywhere.  It took us the entire evening to get through half of the garden before the fireworks began.  There was “Royal” music being played at all the fountains.  There was also some weird art (boulders in trees, and a petrified tree floating in the air).  Can you find Frack’s Blue Angry Bird in some of the pictures?
IMG_0160  IMG_1266 IMG_1203IMG_1265 IMG_1243 IMG_1230 IMG_1214 IMG_1211 IMG_0172 IMG_0164
Marie Antoinette found the King’s Palace in Versailles a bit stuffy, so she had her own little oasis built at the very back of the property so she could “Get away” from all the stress of Royal Life.
Besides her own gardens, the King build his wife a “Hamlet” equipped with several quaint English Styled buildings (thatched roofs).  Here’s her place.
IMG_1268 IMG_1281 IMG_1278 IMG_1275 IMG_1316 IMG_1308 IMG_1341 IMG_1339 IMG_1322 IMG_1357 IMG_1352 IMG_1345 IMG_1371 IMG_1358
Here is the Queen’s Toilette!
Now if you are thinking that there couldn’t possible be anything else these royals could have thought of having for themselves, you would be wrong.
The King wanted a river, so they diverted the River Seine to come right up close to the palace so he could throw some extraordinary lavish parties.  Guest were treated to boats where they could take their honeys for a ride while listening to a live orchestra playing Royal Music in the background.
Today you can rent a boat and have an ice cream near the river.  Too bad Bobo wasn’t with me so he could row, row, row me around.
Then I’d feel like a Queen too!
Still wondering why the royals had their heads chopped off?
I will post photos of where that actually took place in my up-coming blogs of Paris.
Couldn’t forget to add more pics. of Blue Birds Tour of Versailles which I emailed to my kids!
IMG_1184 IMG_1195 IMG_1202