On Board The Rocky Mountaineer (Vancouver to Kamloops)

Tuesday, September 22

imageGot up 4-5 times last night, anxious I’d miss my train. Managed to get up at 5:45. Got to the lobby before the limo driver.

imageThe Rocky Mountaineer Station was interesting.     We were serenaded by a gentleman playing a black baby grand piano.

imageThey had a Scottish man in a kilt play the bagpipes and then they stomped on a whistle thing on the floor before yelling, “All Aboard”.


The landscape is quite beautiful. The mountains are so tall it’s a good thing I’m in one of the domed carriages so I can see everything. First the mountains were nice and green and full of trees. Now it’s arid and drier. We even passed a section where there had been a fire.

image image image image image







An interesting tale about an area where Simon Fraser said in his journal that he passed through where no man should ever have to go. He named it Hells Gate because it was very narrow and treacherous to pass.   Apparently only once in history was a steamboat able to make it upstream. The Sassy River was named after the guy. He did it by getting 150 Chinese men on ropes to haul it up the river. Wonder how many people he lost?

Another interesting place we passed which was (formerly?) called Trunk Hill Sanitarium, in Kamloops.

It used to house tuberculosis patients in the olden days until a cure was found for the disease (Kamloops area was chosen because the air was arid/drier).  The patients/caregivers had to be self sufficient because the people in the town didn’t want them anywhere near them least they caught the dreaded disease.  They had there own supply of water and grew there own crops.

Then when TB was no longer a threat, it was turned into a Sanitarium.  Had to close it down eventually because they found asbestos in the building.  Tunnels were found which were built below the ground to get from place to place when it was cold.

We passed The Most haunted place in Canada tour…ghost town near Hells Gate if you are interested in driving all the way down there to hear some interesting tales!

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