Well, I got most of my results today.  As expected things are not great.  I figured that anyway cause I’m feeling quite shitty.  Areas that are in trouble include my:





central nervous system

digestive system



cortisol levels

and I think my adrenal glands but I wasn’t sure what he said about that.   Basically my immune system has tanked.

Anyhow, he confirmed the parasites are what’s causing this problem and my amalgam fillings are feeding the worms.   My eight amalgams are decaying and I couldn’t fix them because I was taking a bisphosphonate to support my bones.  It causes necrosis of the jaw when having dental work done so I wanted to be off it for several months before I undertook the procedure. However, given the toxic state I am in, I cannot take them out as it could probably kill me.  Also my mouldy house didn’t help matters.

I guess the only real good news is when I asked him if my fluid filled lungs are because of cancer he said, “No, it’s because of the parasites.”   “Good”, I said, “That’s what I thought because my oncologist wants me to go on chemo because my lungs are full of cancer and my radiation dr told me if I start to see double to phone him so he can radiate my brain.   Oh and my family dr thinks those aren’t worms but my intestines are coming out of me.”

He just looked at me and didn’t say a word.

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing, I guess.

Today, I had a colon hydrotherapy which made me feel better.  Then 8 minutes with a biophoton machine on my brain and 8 minutes on my lungs.  I must say my asthmatic lungs felt much better after that.

Tomorrow I’m going to have my Global Diagnostic test which is when they hook me up to a very expensive Swiss computer that checks the frequencies of each body part and organ and tries to fix whatever deficiencies it finds.  It also gives you a readout of what is and is not working.  It’s very elaborate and I can’t wait to see the results..

They are also going to oxygenate my blood through an ozone IV where my blood is taken out, irradiated, and then brought back to me.  That will help all my cells get the oxygen it needs.  My blood is thick and black and that’s not good.

Getting stem cells injected in my butt.  They are putting other stuff I need in my other IVs because I had a problem with Bobo giving me needles in the wrong spot.   Looks like I have some nerve damage as a result   I’m having difficulty lifting up my left leg.   Sometimes I literally have to pick it up to move it when getting in and out of the car.  But I drive a Jaguar now and I must do it.  Fuck my leg.  It needs to behave so I can have some fun.

Anyhow, I’m really tired and must go now because I have to be at the clinic by 8:30.

Capilano Bridge, Vancouver Lookout, Gastown


Monday, September 21
Finally we had one good day of weather so I went on the Capilano Bridge.  It was amazing.  There was a HUGE Suspension Bridge, a tree top walk and a cliff walk.  I’m okay with heights, but bouncinging on that bridge with about 100 million ther people sure wasn’t great for my back.  Time for an oxycocet after I got to the other side!  Guess my newly radiated bone didn’t have enough time to grow back yet!  Ouch!

That place was REALLY amazing.  It was so nice breathing in the fresh rainforest air.  Did you know that the smell of pine forests kills lung cancer cells?  Hopefully it worked on whatever’s growing in my lung!  I definitely could breathe better!

Having issues getting pics in here so I’m posting them all at once!














Then I went to a 4 D film called Fly Over Canada (filmed from BC to the East Coast) and got nauseous because I didn’t really eat anything that morning and I didn’t really feel like flying and smelling weird scents.  Walked over the the Vancouver Lookout…waste of money if you have been to the CN Tower first….doesn’t compare.

Met up with Sharon and Make in Gastwon and had a lovely lunch at an Italian trattoria.  I had soup and gnocchi.  It was too much food so I told Sharon we should pack it up and give it to one of the many homeless people we see in the streets.  She thought that was a good idea.


Didn’t take her long before a woman walked up to her and told her it was her birthday and could she spare some change.  Sharron yelled, “Well, Happy a Birthday” , and proceeded to hand over her leftover pasta.


Me, I started talking to an Indian carver perched on the side of the road making masks.  Bobo told me to look for a mask because he wanted one.  Well these masks are well over $1,000 in the art gallery’s.  The guy on the corner wanted $700.  Needless to say, I didn’t purchase one.  Found out the carver also had a tumour in his back,  fractured his spine, and had metal rods in his back and was going to have surgery the next day.  Gave him my gnocchi!  Hope he liked them…he said he never tried them before.  Wished him luck on his surgery and told him I would pray for him.


Headed home early and went into the steam room to try to get my achy breaks bones to feel good.  It worked.

Vancouver City Tour

Sunday, Sept 21

It was raining so I couldn’t really go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and risk slipping.  It was also suppose to get really windy too.  Got my injection from a doctor in nearby clinic.  Hoping OHIP is going to cover it ($135.00).

Decided to do a Vancouver City tour for 4 hours with my friends Sharon and Mike.  I really like them, they are very nice people.  We went all over the place…through Stanley Park, Granville, Gastown, a flower place which Bobo would have loved and drove around English Bay.  I almost fell asleep…the driver had me knodding  off.  Here are some pics.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


For dinner, we stayed at Sharon and Mike’s Sutton Hotel and had a two tiered seafood platter.  It was Devine.


Can’t even begin to tell you how delicious it was.

Took a cab back to my hotel because it was beginning to  get a bit daunting to see so many beggars on the street.  The night before I saw a young couple walking in my direction.   She was wearing pyjama bottoms with grocery bags on her feet.  Now who does that?



Walked quickly by St Paul’s hospital where I saw the naked diaper man.  All was quiet and I made my way to my hotel brandishing my umbrella.

Another Rainy Day


image image imageimage imageMy happiness bubble burst today.
I woke up and its raining again.
I got to the concierge at 8:41 am and he told me my bus already left.
I was suppose to be there at 8:40. WTF?

Well that wasn’t true and my heart stopped for a short time and when the bus finally arrived the grumpy old man (who wouldn’t pick up my luggage and put it underneath the bus) tells me he is not dropping me off to my hotel, but one nearby. Yet on my voucher it says it’s going to drop me off at my hotel. Apparently that’s not true. So now I am either going to have to kill myself and lug my luggage a couple of blocks to my hotel in the rain or take a taxi. That should be good for my back.

I need my Bobo.  I need my Fairmont slippers and bathrobe.  And I’m really going to need my eucalyptus steam room after I lug my luggage around town because I’m calabrese, I have a testa tosta (hardheaded/stubborn)and I’m not paying someone to take me a few blocks to my hotel.

And to make me positively miserable, the grumpy old driver only listens to Country Music. Two and a half hours on a bus playing country music! Kill me now!

Oh, things are looking up! My ear phones are in my purse and my iPads in my lap as I write my woes to you this gloomy, rainy day.

Good bye country music! Hello One Republic!

Oh oh.  I have to go to the washroom and there isn’t a washroom on this bus!

I’ll Write later.  My stops coming up!