Whistler Gondola By Night

imageReally loving being pampered!  Buffet breakfast.  Went shopping at Lululemon…my downfall in life.  Picked up 2 more items!  Lunch buffet salad and veggie wrap.  Spa treatment facial and ayuvedic massage where they pour hot oil and herbs all over your body.  And today, I feel like a million bucks!  Hardly sore at all.  Forgot to take my tamoxifen…wonder if that has anything to do with it?

imageLast night We went to an exclusive party.  We were shuttled to the base of Whistlers Gondola and made a 25 minute trip up the mountain to the Round House restaurant.  Half way there we briefly stopped at a way station and the doors opened and a waitress came inside the gondola and offered us crackers, with goat cheese and some delicious spread on top.  Outrageous, eh?  And hang on…it gets better.  She leaves and someone else comes in with CHAMPAGNE!  Now glorious is that?  I tell you, I’m on top of the world!


So apparently, unbeknownst to me, it was suppose to be a 70’s disco party….and we were suppose to dress up and drink.  Bobo didn’t get that part of the program.   Wouldn’t have lasted in skimpy clothes up there in the cold mountains anyway.  It was raining and freezing.  Dinner was a buffet…salmon, roast beast, squash ravioli, corn on the cob, potatoes and salad, home made gelato ( rum/pecan, vanilla bea, and banana), chocolate brownies, nanimo bars, fresh berries.  O, and they had on of those cool ice sculptures with a tube running through it to make your liquor cold.  Unfortunately he wasn’t making chocolate Martinis , only  vodka.  That was disappointing. I’m don’t usually drink, but I’m game for one of those!


imageimageimageimageNo one goes up the mountain at night….exclusive parties only.   Riding down the gondola in pitch darkness is quite an experience, let me tell you.  Thankfully they gave me a blanket which I kind of forgot to return when I got off.

It’s raining again today.  Wanted to go up to the mountain to get some pics. But I don’t think that’s happening unless the weather clears up.  Oh well, back to the eucalyptus steam room!

Life is so good when you don’t have to pay!  Just enjoy!



Whistler, BC.



The plane ride here was turbulant…it was like we were on a roller coaster! Bobo loved it!  Said it reminded him of Wonderland!  My back could have used less drama.

imageOur original Air Canada plane broke and they squished us on a smaller plane. The food looked really sketchy and I chose not to have lunch. (Thank heavens Angela C. Gave me an apple to munch on on this trip or I would have really been in trouble.

My back and right lung was hurting during the flight.  I don’t think there was much oxygen in the beat up old plane we were on.  And the scratched up film screen didn’t have any of the good movies listed in the book.  And I couldnt hear the movies either.

Oddly enough, the only good thing was that Bobo got bumped from first class to sitting right next to me with the aisle between us.  What a fluke.  Couldn’t have planned that better.

It was a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Whistler.   Nursed my back with my heating pad when we finally got to the hotel and had a late dinner. I was famished!

Lost Lake, WhistlerWent for a glorious long walk to Lost Lake this morning with my husband. Lung felt better, but my back sure didn’t!

Signed myself up for a massage which really did the trick! Now I know how to handle my situation! Party hardy and do what I want and then pay someone ridiculous sums of money to massage my back!

Now the good news is that the guy who is paying for this elaborate room in this expensive hotel, also gave us a $300 spa credit. Yahoo!

The Lord works in mysterious ways!









I Love My Bobo

Oops!  Just found this in my draft folder.  Must have forgotten to post it.

Good news!  My husband Bobo recently won an award at work….best mortgage underwriter (nominated by brokers).  So he gets a free all expense trip to Whistler, British Columbia. And guess what I told him? He ain’t leaving without me in tow! No way!

WE are going to be staying at the luxurious Fairmont Whistler Hotel. Ba Bing!!! Bobo is none too happy about this event as he says he will have to go to meetings for 3 days. Not me however!  I will be taking in the sights and galavanting outdoors!

Damn back, however. You’d better believe that I’d be downhill skiing on those mountains if I didn’t run the risk of fracturing some more of my vertebrates. (I can just hear my Australian cousin saying, “She would be crazy enough to do it too!”).  Oh well, heard there is a gondola I could go on.  Besides, I guess I could always use the Fairmont’s spa services if I overdo it or the weather is yucky. Afternoon High tea perhaps? Hahaha! Love them scones, fancy little sandwiches and glorious tea! Getting excited! Wish I could invite some friends, though.

After the conference, Bobo is coming back to reality, but not me! I’m going to fulfill an item on my bucket list! Ever since I was in grade 5 and my friend Leanne Murray showed me a picture of her family’s trip to Lake Louise, I have had it in my head to go there.  Now’s my chance.

I missed an opportunity to go out West with my cousin from Australia because I was getting married and couldn’t afford it. In 2012, when I was out of commission after surgery to cement my fractured vertebrae and put two titanium metal rods in my back, I vowed if I ever could walk again I would go to Lake Louise (and Italy) and not have any regrets. When my hubby told me he won a trip to BC, I took it as a sign from the Mighty Lord above!  I just got handed the perfect opportunity to fulfill my quest!  And I was going to take it!

So I have also booked a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer, Gold Service, so some poor sucker who isn’t me, can deal with my baggage everywhere I go. Get my own damn chef too. And I’ll be asking for some champagne as soon as I get on board. This is gonna be fun! I’m going to Kamloops, Banff, Lake Louise and Calgary. And there is some crazy ride on a helicopter (if I don’t chicken out) too.

Like my husband says, “You can’t take it with you”.

I love my husband.