Celebrity In The Doghouse

Just wanted to let you know that I’m apparently going to be in the Toronto Star tomorrow (Saturday) in the Life Section.  Reporter Nancy White wrote an article about people who have heart problems because of chemotherapy and my oncologist gave them my name for an interview last spring.  Anyhow, there is a photo of me and a short blurb about my heart failure experience if you get the paper delivered to your house and you want to take a look.  I’ll try and post it on my blog once I get a copy of it.

I recently joined an art class for cancer patients in the west end.  I finally made something I liked which I’ll post on my blog too (Monet inspired, of course….can’t seem to get that beautiful garden/waterlily pond out of my head).  We’re having our last class on Monday and an art show during the afternoon.  It’s at 238 Jane St. from 3:00-5:00 if anyone is around there and wants to see.

I also joined a Graphic Novel class at Gilda’s Club on Monday nights.  I decided to do a children’s book about a Tooth Fairy because my son was intent on catching her one night. Hey, you never know, I may try to publish it when I’m done!

On Wednesday I did a video shoot for the Nanny Angel Network.  They’re the ones who sent wonderful child life specialists to my house (for free) to watch my kids when I was undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation.  They count on donations by generous donors and the organization is having an up-coming fundraising event…so there I will be, at some point on the BIG SCREEN once again.  I’ll post the event on my blog when I find out more about it in  case any of you reading this blog is interested.

I didn’t realize that a person could become a celebrity just by having cancer!

Speaking of celebrities… the kids and I were at the Apple Store at Fairview Mall earlier this week when 3 guys from the T.V. show “Next Step” came in the store.  My daughter couldn’t believe it and was mesmerized.  The person at the store who was helping me asked her if she wanted to take a picture with them  and then got the ball rolling by using those radio speaker things they have in their ears and contacting the employee servicing the “Next Step” dudes.  Before you knew it, my kids got their pics. with them using our ipad.  My daughter was SO HAPPY….she couldn’t wait to instagram everyone when she got home.

The story doesn’t stop there though.  We were at the Apple Store to get the Ipad fixed (it got dropped way too many times and the screen was cracked).  I thought they were just going to put a new glass top on it.  Wrong.  They gave me a brand new one for $50 (I had an AppleCare Warranty on it).  That was kind of neat.  No more dents on the side or cracked screen.  I was happy.  At least I was happy until we were on our way home and realized that the pics. of the gents were on that Ipad and everything had been erased.  So I got to hear a whole lot of crying on the way home….and a whole lot of crying the next day when we went back to the store to recover something that couldn’t be recovered.

C’est la vie, unfortunately.

So if anyone see’s these “Next Step” guys again…give me a ring because seriously folks I am going to hear about this the rest of my life.  I am so in the “Dog House” right now.

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